Open Gym Workouts (Limited) - $49/mo.:  The open gym time is from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F and during all weekend hours. This membership is limited and we currently do have openings.

 Supervised Independent - $99/mo.: This plan is for the person experienced in exercise and has a good base of fitness. These individuals meet with a coach and design a plan to pursue specific performance and/or appearance goals. Clients are introduced to more advanced exercise techniques and have several designed workouts to follow. Clients are monitored during their workouts by their coach. During the workouts, coaches will step in to make corrections and clients have access to the coach for any questions. Clients have access to the gym anytime of the day but must be approved for the program by the owner based on evaluation results.

Group Workout Punch Card - $179: The Punch Card has 12 workouts. It is good to use for any of the group workouts. This option is good for the individual who uses the facility fewer than three times a week. 

Unlimited Group Workouts - $199/mo.: We offer this plan for the exercise enthusiast who wants to maintain a consistent schedule of three workouts a week or more. Clients have access to any group scheduled workout. 

Private and Semi-Private Training:  We offer the one-on-one Private Training as well as the two client Semi-Private packages. If you want the undivided attention of your coach or want to workout with a spouse or friend, we offer 1 to 4 sessions per week. Prices range based on sessions per week and contract length.

Body Transformation Monitoring: 8 Wks. - $99, 12 Wks. - $149: This program involves the mandatory inclusion of the FitBit device with online monitoring. Clients are assessed with baseline biometric measurements recorded for tracking. Your coach monitors client nutrition and activity daily. Client has a weekly 20 min. check-in with their coach. Progress is measured via biometric measurements such as body-weight, body-fat and girth circumferences.