Classes Description

Fat Furnace Workout

This class is designed to stimulate body fat loss and build cardiovascular recovery. Participants will do high intensity cardiovascular exercises in intervals with light resistance exercises. Recovery is allowed to promote maximum anaerobic stimulus for maximum fat loss after the workout.


Glutes & Legs

This workout will emphasize the assets most important for shorts and bathing suits. Women and men will benefit from this balanced workout designed to develop all the muscles crossing the hips, knees, and ankles. Make these body parts look as good as they perform.


Mobility/Stability Workout

Exercises for this workout are chosen specifically to promote better whole body mobility and stability. This workout will help clients to maintain better joint health and be less prone to injury. Clients learn proper posture bracing for exercise that will carry over to everyday life.


Olympic Lifting & Power Variations

This class teaches the timeless skills of Olympic lifting. These lifts will help to build whole body power production as well as hip, core and shoulder stability. Class begins with preparatory mobility and warm-up followed by fundamental movements and then to the Olympic Lifts and power movement variations. Use of creative methods including boxes, bands and chains.


Speed & Agility

This class focuses on improving your ability to speed up, slow down and change direction for sports or just a more active lifestyle. Excellent for improving dynamic balance and body control for all ages. Also has a strong metabolic effect to burn fat.


Sports Prep Strength & Conditioning

Whether you are getting ready for a high school or collegiate sport, or just want to train like a professional athlete, this program takes you through the same exercises and program progression as the Professionals.


Sprint, Push & Pull

This program keeps it simple for the person who wants to get their metabolism fired up and then get on with their day. A dynamic warm up is followed by interval sprints or sled drives mixed with basic pushing and pulling exercises using bands, suspension straps, body weight etc. You will be in and out in less than 45 minutes. 


Steel Core Workout

Remember, your core is connected to the hip and shoulder girdles. Your core has two primary responsibilities, to resist external forces to protect you and to produce movement. Your ability to control motion depends on both isometric and dynamic strength for stability and mobility. Come and master control of Your core! 


Strength/Power Development

This class workout places emphasis on power and strength development. Participants will use body weight as well as weights, balls, dumbbells and barbells to develop greater body strength, stability and force production. 


Upper Body Blaster

If you are lagging in upper body strength for sports, every day activities or just want your back, chest, shoulders and arms to look and be stronger, this is the answer. The ladies can prevent the "Grandma Arms" and the guys can get ready for the "Gun Show".

2101 Artesia blvd, Redondo beach, ca

2101 Artesia blvd, Redondo beach, ca